A New Rifle for a New Age

Piston Driven Reliability Meets Classic Ergonomics

Why Choose Us?

When your looking to modernize your SKS rifle, there only really is one 1 choice. Tired of having to go to multiple companies and assemble multiple products to build out an SKS, we developed our productions around one stop supply. when you buy the ILS you have a turn key system. from there the AR Market is open for you to tailor your rifle as you please. 

About Us

Ryan Pearce


Why Pearce Armoury? why the SKS? These are important driving questions, why should you buy from Pearce Armoury? When our flagship product the ILS was developed, we took all the training and principles imparted during service in the Canadian Armed Forces as an infantier and incorperated those principles into the ILS and around the SKS. If you have experience with an AR, the ergonomics and feel, and cheek weld should be very familair as well as most of your drills. The SKS mated to the ILS will make you feel right  at home. 


225 savannah round, Summerville sc 29485


225 savannah round, Summerville sc 29485